Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture offers frequent, affordable treatments while providing high quality care.  Our group sessions allow the acupuncturist to treat several people at once, resulting in lower patient cost.  The community treatment room creates a collective healing energy that enhances each individual’s treatment, and allows families and friends to visit our clinic together. 

As patients are fully clothed in the community room, we typically place needles in the head, below elbows, and below knees to treat various parts of the body.  The quiet setting allows for a peaceful, meditative experience.

What makes our acupuncture clinic unique is a maximum of three people in our community room, and the added comforts of infrared heat lamps, soothing music and reclining chairs.

Location: Tamalpais Community Acupuncture
Single Session Rate: $55 for initial, $45 for follow-up
10 Session Package: $400 (*must be used within 4 months)

Private Acupuncture

Private Acupuncture

Private acupuncture sessions can allow for a deeper healing experience.  Practitioners can also treat areas of the body such as the back and abdomen, which cannot be accessed in the community room. Depending on the condition, practitioners may also use other techniques such as electrical stimulation, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and tuning forks.

This method is best for those preferring the privacy of their own room. Private Acupuncture is ideal for those suffering from chronic, complex, emotional, and/or multiple health concerns. Since patients can disrobe, any area of the body can be treated in a private room setting.

Location: Tamalpais Community Acupunture
Single Session Rate: $125 for initial, $110 for follow-ups
10 Session Package: $975 (*must be used within 4 months)

Facial Rejuvenation

facial rejuvenation
  • Soften wrinkles and firm the skin

  • Reduce bags and puffiness around the eyes

  • Firm up drooping eyelids

  • Tighten skin around the face and neck

  • Promotes local blood and lymph circulation

  • Balances skin tone and texture

  • Reduces stress

  • Increases nutrients to the skin’s surface

  • Stimulates production of elastin and collagen

  • Reduces and relaxes tension in the facial nerves and muscles

Discover a beauty secret used by Chinese nobility for thousands of years. Facial Rejuvenation includes acupuncture, facial massage, dietary recommendations and internal herbal therapy. Ultra fine needles are inserted into the superficial layers of the face with balancing points on the body.

By addressing the needs of the skin and the body from the inside out, this whole body treatment not only benefits the face, but all of the body’s physiological systems, so an improvement in overall health is achieved.

Results and the required number of follow-up treatments can depend on the individual’s consistency with treatment, diet, lifestyle and exposure to toxins. Anywhere from 18 months to three years, depending on your diet and lifestyle. Because your internal organs are also being balanced with each treatment, some benefits will stay with you forever. Cosmetic acupuncture repairs and restores the health and vitality that your skin enjoyed in earlier times. But time and gravity are inevitable, and your skin may eventually become damaged again. You may choose to do periodic tune-ups or eventually repeat the full course of treatment.

Recommended Length of Treatment: 2x week for 10 weeks 

Add $10 to treatment cost for Facial Acupuncture
Package Prices available

plants and herbal consultation

Herbal Consults

Herbal medicine has been practiced safely and effectively for centuries and treats a wide variety of health symptoms by naturally supporting and supplementing the body. During the course of your treatment we may prescribe Chinese herbal remedies or natural supplements if we think they will assist your healing process.*  

We often recommend Standard Process formulas, as we believe their organic, whole food concentrates are more easily assimilated and effective than synthetic supplements. In our clinic we use high quality pill formulas, granules and tinctures, which are easy to ingest and convenient for use at home or on-the-go. After you become a patient, you can easily order more formulas directly through our online pharmacy.

Herbal Consult sessions are primarily by phone or Skype and will include a comprehensive health history review, an analysis of your current supplements and medications, and personalized recommendations for natural remedies and tonics to treat your specific concerns. Products are sold separately and may be purchased through your practitioner or at your local health food store.

Location: Skype/Phone
Single Session Rate: $110

*Acupuncturists are the only licensed health care professionals in California who are required to be trained and tested for competency in prescribing herbal medicine. It is always best to consult with an acupuncturist before taking any herbs so we can monitor the safety, adverse reactions, and interactions with other medications you may be taking.