Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Using a myriad of procedures, therapies and painkillers over the course of a year to heal my chronic lower back pain, I never considered acupuncture. Needles in my back…that wasn't something I wanted to try. After meeting Amie and discussing my problem with her, she explained treatments that might make a difference and educated me on acupuncture, its origins the positive affects it could have on me. Amie's warm and sensitive manner made me feel confident in her ability to help me as well as she took the time to educate me on my health overall. I scheduled an appointment. I did it. It was truly fantastic and it worked!

Amie is the very definition of a "feel good person". Having used painkillers, sleep aids and suffered longer than I should have, I wished I had met Amie sooner. Thanks Amie! I would recommend Amie to anyone without hesitation.        

Vince G.

Amie has worked her wonders on me two separate occasions. Initially, I had sprained my pelvis from a fall that was very painful to the point of hindering my ability to walk. After two separate acupuncture treatments, the pain and inflammation were reduced so much that I was able to take a Himalayan trek shortly afterwards that I was in no condition for prior to treatment. Recently, I visited Amie for a series of treatments to accelerate healing and reduce the pain associated with AC Joint Reconstruction Surgery to my shoulder. In similar manner as before, Amie's acupuncture helped me move forward with quicker healing and I am back skiing and being active. As a result, I know where to go for great, effective acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatment.                

David M.

I had terrible heel pain (plantar fascitis) caused by running and playing tennis. I saw a podiatrist and starting using orthodics, but my heel pain still would not go away. I went to see Amie for my problem and after two sessions of acupuncture the pain was 100% gone. I felt amazing and was able to get back to all of the activities that I love to do. Amie has also consulted and treated me successfully for other issues such as adrenal function and fatigue.         

Jen B.

I discovered Amie over five years ago when I decided to try acupuncture to help me stop smoking. I am a busy CEO, running several global corporations and my stress level is usually through the roof – so giving up cigarettes seemed virtually impossible. After only a few treatments with Amie, not only was I able to quit my habit, I also felt more calm and focused than I’ve been in years. She has also helped me through several injuries and chronic back problems, as well as insomnia. Amie has a caring, yet no BS approach that empowered me to make some of the life changes I needed to make to get back on track. During my recent visit to Mayo Clinic, I was told I’m healthier now than I was five years ago. I highly recommend Amie to anyone looking for a talented health care professional who provides real, measurable results.       

Val. D.

Family and Internal Medicine

I was experiencing some hormone fluctuations which were impacting my mood and energy level adversely. I sought acupuncture to restore balance to my system and energy. I'd received numerous acupuncture treatments prior, but this was my first visit to Amie Brooke. In just one session, my symptoms improved noticeably. After a second session one week later, I felt completely back to normal and in balance. Not only were the specific conditions I was seeking care for addressed, but Amie also took the time to inquire into my lifestyle and any other issues I might be having. As a result, I left feeling less stressed and slept better in the days following the treatments.

The community space is tranquil, neat and super convenient. Parking is easy, and the reclining chairs you sit in during treatments are very comfy and relaxing.

Amie is exceptionally caring and easy to talk to... She listens, is curious and asks questions to get to the bottom of what's going on or to find other things you might not even be aware of. Her treatments are wonderfully effective and I'd highly recommend her to anyone!              

Kayse G.

After three miscarriages and a lack of both results and empathy from Western fertility doctors, I decided to seek alternative treatment. Amie helped prepare my body for pregnancy, and subsequently helped me keep a pregnancy that resulted in my first daughter. Her broad and knowledgeable background, incredibly caring and gentle bedside manner and total professional approach made her both my favorite doctor and now a friend.  As a woman and mother, she understands the female body, and as a world-traveler, she also knows the shortcomings of a Western-only treatment plan. After the birth of my first daughter, I have sought her counsel for nutrition, stress, injury and additional fertility. Having known and seen her for over 10 years across three different offices in two cities, mere words cannot recommend her strongly enough. She is the best at what she does, and I have yet to find any acupuncturist to replace her exceptional talent and kindness.           

Anne M.

Amie is an amazing acupuncturist. She has helped my entire family, including two teenagers, with a variety of health issues and we are all thriving because of her treatment and care. During treatment, she immediately put me at ease and walked me through each step of the acupuncture. She taught me how each acupuncture point treats a specific area of my body and indicated which areas needed support.       

Jennifer T.

I have visited many doctors, health care professionals and alternative medicine practitioners over the years to treat a number of conditions including infertility, chronic joint pain, celiac disease and cancer. I worked with Amie to treat and manage all of these conditions and am better off for having done so. Not only is Amie truly knowledgeable and talented in the field of acupuncture but she is also an extremely kind and caring individual who became invested in my outcomes. She took the time to really listen to what was occurring with my body at any given time and to educate me in any number of areas. I always left my appointments feeling empowered as well as enriched in mind, body and spirit.       

Alix B.

We have seen wonderful results with Amie’s acupuncture treatment. She also helped my entire family identify nutritional imbalances through blood tests, lab results and nutritional counseling. She helped my son and husband with their digestive issues and they both felt better immediately after making some dietary changes. Amie has helped my family in so many ways. She is a wonderful healer.        

Jamie S.

When my daughter was 9 months old she came down with an awful cold and persistent cough lasting over two weeks. She was up all night long. After three visits to the pediatrician, it became worse. After one session with Amie, our daughter slept that first night for 6 hours straight and didn’t cough once. As I continued to massage the areas on her body that Amie had showed me, her cough disappeared completely within a couple days. My husband and I were very thankful for Amie and have learned strategies for helping our daughter with these symptoms when they come back.            

Melissa H.

Amie is a skillful practitioner and attentive listener. She really knows her stuff and can read beyond my stated needs to find that next level of healing that needs to take place. I highly recommend Amie for first time acupuncture clients, children and for people like me who tend to be really sensitive (especially at certain times of the month!)        

Kia S.

I have been using acupuncture for many years to treat a variety of ailments and I know that regular treatments are key to maintaining good health. I was thrilled to learn about community acupuncture with Amie. Sessions are affordable so that I can go more frequently. The setting is comfortable and relaxing and I leave feeling more energetic after seeing her!                 

Kitty G.

What makes the expierence of treatment with Amie so unique is not only her professionalism and care, but her amazing gift of compassion and tranqulity she imparts on her patients. Going there takes me away from daily stresses and allows for full relaxation of mind and body. I never had acuputcure before going to Aime, and now wish I could go more often. Go there and tell everyone who can benefit from this treatment to see Aime..very affordable as well.                  

Jim M.

I received acupuncture from Amie while trying to get pregnant with my first born.  Being deathly afraid of needles, she calmed my fears through education and a very gentle touch.  I only wish that she hadn't moved away from the Vail Valley!           

Trista S.