community acupuncture

Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture offers frequent, affordable treatments while providing high quality care.  Our group sessions allow the acupuncturist to treat several people at once, resulting in lower patient cost.  The community treatment room creates a collective healing energy that enhances each individual’s treatment, and allows families and friends to visit our clinic together. 

As patients are fully clothed in the community room, we typically place needles in the head, below elbows, and below knees to treat various parts of the body.  The quiet setting allows for a peaceful, meditative experience.

What makes our acupuncture clinic unique is a maximum of three people in our community room, and the added comforts of infrared heat lamps, soothing music and reclining chairs.

Location: Tamalpais Community Acupunture
Single Session Rate: $50 for initial, $40 for follow-up
10 Session Package: $350 (must be used within 4 months)