Surf Lessons in Bolinas, CA

 Surf in Bolinas- Northern CA

Surf in Bolinas- Northern CA

Learn to surf or improve your skills

We have experienced instructors who can teach you how to manage your board, time your waves, improve your balance and SURF--and have a loads of fun out in the water! 

Moms and Dads- drop the kids off at school and head to the beach for 2 hours of surf- you'll pick them up with a smile on your face and rejuvenated by the ocean.


Private lessons are 1.5 hours:  $120 for one person and $40 for each additional person in your group.

Rentals priced separately and run $45/day for everything you will need (surfboard, wetsuit, booties).

If you want to join a group lesson we can let you know when we have others with similar schedules and skills or better yet, tell your friends and neighbors and pull together your own surf group so you can carpool. It's always fun to learn and improve at a new sport with the encouragement of your friends. After the lesson you can all have a nice lunch at the Coast Cafe!

You can do lessons any day, but we recommend weekdays as they tend to be the least crowded in the water -- it's always easier to learn when you have more space.