Why moving your energy is easier than you think

Life is like a bicycle. 
To keep your balance, you must keep moving
.    -Albert Einstein

I moved my family into a new home last month.  It was quite a production, as moving always is.  With only a month to find a decent rental in a tight housing market, I also had to downsize my belongings to fit into a smaller, more expensive house with less storage and living space.  Long days, late nights, packing with podcasts and with friends, and even a few tears went into the process.  Yet somehow this particular move felt different and dare I say much easier than the past 20+ moves I’ve made over my lifetime.    
Easier, less effort, and more therapeutic?!

When you tell people you’re moving you hear condolences “Oh man, I don’t envy you--Moving sucks!”  You are given full permission to throw yourself a pity party when you move.  I easily could have gone there given my circumstances. But instead I chose to use this uprooting as an opportunity to clear up my energetic surroundings inside and out.  After five years in my old house there was a lot of accumulated junk that needed to go-- not just those stacks of boxes, furniture and old clothes, but emotional energy as well.   I joked with my friends that my “house of pain” had seen me through a bitter divorce, multiple court proceedings, several heartbreaks, and family drama that I was ready to leave behind.  So after I received the notice I had to vacate -and after my initial panic subsided- I thanked the universe for this opportunity to start with a clean slate.
As I cleaned out cabinets filled with expired supplements, opened dusty boxes of old fabric samples, and sorted through mountains of files, books and paperwork from the last decade, it was a clear reminder of how easy it is to hold onto things that no longer serve us.  In the practice of Feng Shui, de-cluttering your house and removing objects that you don’t absolutely need, love, or bring you joy will attract beneficial chi – or positive energy to your home and life.  Just as acupuncture unblocks stuck energy in the body, clearing out old energy in your home recharges your personal space.
With almost giddy delight I purged daily.  I donated or sold nearly every item in my house that my kids and I hadn’t used in over a year and gave stacks of things away to friends and strangers.  And I felt lighter and happier by the day.  As each closet and room cleared out, so did my headspace.   The more intentional I was about why I was letting go of items and a house that didn’t serve me any longer – the more my personal life started shifting as well.  A job I had taken to earn extra money that was causing me great stress and little financial reward suddenly went away, much to my relief.  Friendships started shifting in ways that felt less contrived and more authentic.  Fond memories of past loves resurfaced while looking through boxes of old photos and reminded me of what I hold true in my relationships.  Family and co-parenting dynamics also changed that same month and resulted in some big decisions that we are all benefiting from today.   I moved my stuff and my life energy moved right along with it. 
You don’t have to move your residence to move your energy –just clear things from your life with the intention to make space for the new, brighter opportunities that are waiting to replace the old.   My favorite piece of art in my house is by a lovely artist in Marin named Sojung- she named it Empty your cup and let the bluebird fly in.  I see it every day as my reminder to let go of all I am holding in my space that may be preventing me from having room for that bluebird of happiness.

To letting go and calling in,