Why is adrenal weakness an epidemic?

Since 2000, I have treated hundreds of patients of all ages.  Of all the patients I have treated, I would estimate that over 50% of them are struggling with a pattern called adrenal exhaustion. This essentially means that they have lost the ability to rest and rejuvenate. Instead, it’s as if the nervous system is always ‘on’ and the person cannot stop the incessant mental chatter, anxiety, worry, or stress.  The main symptoms of this pattern include: fatigue, irritability, restless sleep, low back pain, anxiety, depression, nervousness, feeling tired upon waking, many female hormonal problems, food cravings and addictions, weight gain, sluggish metabolism, and more. Why is adrenal exhaustion such an epidemic here in the United States?

From my experience, most people have adrenal weakness because they are using excessive amounts of will power to get through life. It is as if they are constantly swimming upstream, fighting against the flow of life.  They work too hard, rest too little, and have a ‘to do’ list a mile long.  These are some of the outward causes. The real cause is more of an inner dynamic. In this day and age, many people are disconnected from their true purpose for being alive. Because of this, they don’t know themselves on a deeply intimate level, which causes them to make decisions that lead to distress and distraction.

Generally speaking, adrenal weakness is as much of a spiritual issue as it is a mental one. If the root cause of not being in touch with your purpose isn’t addressed, then a person can take all the supplements in the world or get acupuncture 3 times a week and it will only have a palliative effect. This is why I have been incorporating life coaching into my practice for increasing numbers of patients.  I have also found a wonderful book that describes simple strategies you can apply that will help you clarify what is essentially missing in your life: The Purpose Principle.

This is not to say that certain forms of alternative care won’t help adrenal weakness.  I have used acupuncture and herbs alone to jump start someone’s adrenal function in a way that is very powerful for certain patients.  Yet patients who make the most progress are the ones who are willing to do the inner work.  They are ones motivated to make the lifestyle changes necessary to live in balance and awareness.

If you are concerned that you may have adrenal exhaustion, please call my office to discuss your situation.

Your partner in health,  Amie