What Scares You?

One of my favorite quotes (among many) by Eleanor Roosevelt is “Do one thing every day that scares you."  Do you live this way?  Throwing caution to the wind--branching out--taking risks--trying new things--facing your fears?  Perhaps, but not likely.  We humans are creatures of habit and tend to avoid our fears by sticking with routines  - some which serve us, other that don’t.
Many of your ongoing health concerns- mental and physical- may be the direct result of playing it safe.  By this I mean that continuing old patterns in your diet, exercise, relationships and other daily routines have inherent flaws that can sabotage your wellness- and happiness.
Eating different foods is a great example. Many of us reach for the habitual carbohydrate and caffeinated breakfast – which usually leaves you hungry and tired around 10 am, right?  But when you replace that bagel and coffee each morning with something non-traditional and healthier…like grilled salmon, quinoa or a kale protein smoothie…you feel fantastic and maintain steadier energy levels throughout the day.  Yes, it can take more time planning and preparing -but not if you eat leftovers!
Try to modify your exercise routine.   Sticking with only one type of exercise, one class, one instructor may be what you need initially to jump start a healthy lifestyle, but it moves your mind and body in only one direction. Try new and even sometimes uncomfortable ways of gaining strength, flexibility and a svelte body.  If you’re a avid cyclist- take a yin yoga class to unwind, stretch and deeply breathe.  If you’re a devote yogi- try expanding your talent and face your fears one day at a rock climbing gym.  And if you hate exercising, a hip-hop class at the dance studio might be just what you need to shape up and liven up.  Don't worry about looking uncoordinated or goofy doing something outside your comfort zone...that's part of the process of growth and expansion!
Bold communication in relationships is another way to face your fears.  How many of us are holding grudges and keeping our opinions and offerings to ourselves, in order to “not rock the boat”– and yet that boat is already in full tilt?  If your personal, family or work relationships are not what you'd like them to be, try talking more openly and honestly with others- with compassion- about your needs.  They key is to focus on what you want- and not what you don’t want.  Take more risks, ask for help, and you’ll be amazed at what you can manifest.
So in honor of Halloween, face your ghosts and fears and do something today that frightens you. Then tell me about it at your next acupuncture treatment!