Living in Alignment: A Simple Way to Find Your Life Purpose


What is my purpose in life?

Some, if not all of us ponder this question at least a few times as we age and desire a more meaningful existence.  Here’s a simple exercise that can help you find clarity around your life purpose so you can live more in alignment with what your soul truly desires.
Set aside at least 30 minutes alone, with no distractions, before you start.  Parents, I recommend you do this while the kids are either sleeping or not home.  Get a pen and paper or word processor and write at the top, “What is my Purpose?”
Consult with your inner self before you start writing.  Ask your conscious ego to take a nap during this exercise and request that your sub-conscious, your higher power, your guides, angels, or whomever you know is supporting your authentic self to come to the table with you.
Then start writing.  Write all thoughts that come to your mind- all of them- including the random ones that don’t seem possible or relevant.  Continue asking the question “What is my purpose?”
Keep writing until you finally reach the answer that makes you cry.  That’s it.
Remember, your purpose doesn't need to be something external.

Simple- right?  Discovering your life purpose isn’t a mystery because your inner self always has all the answers you are seeking.  It’s just a matter of talking directly to this part of your soul.
You may face difficulty, fear or resistance doing this exercise, so here are a few tips:

Write whatever pops into your head.  Don’t worry that the first few answers aren’t right.  You need to get them out first to get to the deeper answers from within.

Don’t over-think or filter the process.  What you write is not as important as giving your logical mind a break and inviting your intuitive wisdom a chance to speak up.

Include your fears and doubts.  These can often be directly linked to your true purpose.

Resistance means you’re getting somewhere. Halfway through you might get tired and want to stop and do something else. Press on- this means you’re getting somewhere.

Get to the core. If you are writing down activities, events or people- include how they make you feel, which is really what you are looking for.

Keep going till you hit the point of resonance. Keep moving in the direction of emotions. Get to the answer that resonates with the depth of your soul. It can take as short as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours. Eventually when you reach the right place, you’ll know. When you reach emotional resonance, congratulations – You have defined your mission statement! Just refine it further until you feel everything about it is right.