How to Clean Up Your Energy


We just finished some long overdue spring cleaning at our clinic. Not your typical clearing out the closets and dusting the cobwebs kind of cleaning though.

We cleared up our energy.

Every space holds energy and even though you can’t see it, you’ve probably sensed it. For example, you may have walked into a room that looked beautiful but somehow it just didn’t feel right. Or even a home or office that wasn’t decorated to your taste, but you still felt immediately comfortable and safe. In both instances you were tuning into the energy of the space.

When a place has a “good vibe” we intuitively understand that buildings and places can have a vibration or feel- they can hold the energy of events, emotions, people and activities that have taken place in the space- just like a sponge. In order to create harmony in our surroundings sometimes it's helpful to create a fresh start and clear the energy. In the same way a room can get cluttered with unnecessary items or our bodies can get toxic from a poor diet, negative emotions and the environment, bad energy needs to move and release on a regular basis.

A good time to clear energy is before moving into a new space, after remodeling, following a divorce or break-up, after an illness or a big argument, or anytime you feel that your enviroment isn’t feeling quite right and you need to bring in more positive energy.

Here are three simple steps to clear energy in your home or office:

  1. Chose a ceremonial tool, such as sage, incense, a bell, or water with essential oils to clear the space.
  2. Set an intention to release whatever stagnant or negative energy that may be present in the area.   State your intention out loud and move around the perimeter of each room with your ceremonial tool asking to let go of anything that does not serve your highest good.
  3. Open the windows and doors in your space and ask that it now be filled with light, love, joy, peace, health, creativity or any other quality to desire in your life. You can light a candle to call more white light into the space and bring in more positive energy.

Let us know if you sense a different energy at our clinic with the new look and feel of the private rooms and our community space.  We always love your energy-- so come visit us soon!

To your new vibe,