7 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut

We all know what it’s like to feel stuck: paralyzed about a decision, unsure what choice to make, or resentment or disappointment we can’t quite recover from. Stuck in a plan that’s not working as anticipated. Stuck in a destructive, repetitive dynamic with family members, coworkers, or friends.

When we’re stuck, things feel immovable, entrenched, and even hopeless. The good news is, they aren’t.

Humans are actually extremely adept at seeing the same thing in new ways, discovering new insights and changing our attitudes, however we may need some tools to create that movement- just like an acupuncturist uses needles to unblock your stuck energy.

Here are 7 of my favorite approaches to getting unstuck. Experiment with all to see which ones work most powerfully for you.

1. Surrender, completely.  The feeling you are banging your head against a wall or that those walls are closing in signals a need for surrender. Surrendering doesn’t mean endorsing or even tolerating what is happening; it just means accepting what is. Make peace with it. Take five deep breaths, breathing in what is. And then let go. Notice what new possibilities or insights appear over the next few days.

2. Find the reasons why it’s all just perfect.  Perfect? This dreadful, annoying, not-what-you-planned situation is perfect? Yup. It is. Your mind will figure out how if you point it in that direction. Say this situation is perfect because… and brainstorm five reasons. Find the truth in each of them. Now what looks different?

3. Look for the pattern.  Something feeling familiar about this situation? Another jerk in authority? Another person betraying or abandoning you? Look for the pattern: When in your life have you felt this way before? That will point you towards your part in creating the situation, your own issues and side of the street. Once you are looking there, your understanding of the situation will shift.

4. Ask yourself, What would make this fun?  Can you imagine what a world we could create if we asked ourselves this more often? Remember back to what you loved to do as a child- it was probably really fun. Re-connect with that hyper-passionate little kid inside and incorporate more joy into your activities. I crank the tunes and dance with my kids while making dinner to bring some fun and silliness into our daily routine.

5. Write out a day in your ideal, fantasy life. This always gets those possibility juices flowing. Write out a day, from morning to night, of the absolutely best day you could imagine. Who are you with? Where are you? What are you doing? What elements can you start to incorporate into your life today?

6. Create your dream life-visually. One of the first steps toward manifesting the life you want is to have a clear picture of what that life looks like. Instead of focusing your mind on what you don’t want, create a vision board with images, words and affirmations that represent what you do want in your ideal life. Place your vision board in a conspicuous place in your home where you will have daily inspiration to take action steps towards a new path.

7. Take care of yourself.  In difficult situations, we typically focus on how they (those other crazy people) should be different, how they are wrong. Bring your attention back to yourself. What do you need to do to take care of you? What do you need to protect your sanity, act in alignment, and be the happy camper you want to be? Take care of your needs, and watch your relationship to the situation change. On that note, get regular acupuncture treatments to help your mind and body flow in balance.