Balance Your Home Energy with Feng Shui

Do you want more harmony and balance in your life? Desire better health? Are you frustrated in your relationships?  Do you wish money weren’t such a struggle?   Most of us are nodding our heads YES!
Believe it or not, the inability to have what you are seeking in life could be partially due to negative energies in your home or work environment.   This energy can be shifted and improved through a practice called Feng Shui.
Feng Shui (pronounced fong schway) is the ancient Chinese art and science of placement that is over 4000 years old. It is a very useful method of understanding how our home and work environments directly affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Feng Shui is one of the Eight Branches in Traditional Chinese Medicine and shares the same basic principles as acupuncture. It works in a similar way to help qi (invisible energy) move more freely throughout a space to create greater balance, harmony, and allowing for new possibilities to appear in a person's life. Classical feng shui takes into consideration the physical aspects of an environment (geography, direction, form) within the context of time (cycles of nature, astrology) to determine adjustments that maximize the potential for each individual space and person.
If some aspect of your life feels “stuck”, you might want to consider using Feng Shui principles to shift energy in your living space, similar to the way acupuncture needles move energy in your body. There are different methods to Feng Shui but each maps your living or workspace according to eight sectors of your life and then uses the power of placement and intention to enhance an area you wish to improve.  A few examples of simple Feng Shui “cures” include:
~To activate energy in your wealth and money area of your home, place art or objects that express what wealth means to you, like photos of what you wish to attain, gold coins or statues, or money in a red envelope.
~To improve energy in your love and marriage section of your home look first to your bedroom and make sure all objects in the room represent what you want for your relationship.   Images of happy couples, red candles and pairs of objects can enhance the intention for more love in your life.
I have successfully used Feng Shui principles in each living space I have moved into.  Recently, we had a consultation here at TCA by one of our very own community members.  Have you noticed a few changes in our treatment rooms? Feel a different energy in the office?

There are many books, websites and Feng Shui consultants available to help guide you through the process.  We personally like our very own TCA client Lauren Dyer.   For more information about feng shui or to schedule a consultation, contact her at